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Orienta Mahhak Trade Group is an integrated agricultural and food industry company, which is the so-called "farm to fork", i.e. it operates in the product chain from farm to table.

Orienta Mahhak Trade Group serves local markets in countless countries and facilitates international trade by connecting agricultural production areas with consumers.

Orienta Mahhak Trade Group is present in nearly 40 countries with the following activities:

  • obtains the oilseeds from the primary production areas of the earth and delivers them to its customers worldwide;

  • by pressing the oil seeds, it produces grist for livestock keepers and oil for the food processing, food and bio-fuel industries;

  • manufactures bottled oils, mayonnaise, margarines and other food products for consumers;

  • it produces sugar, ethanol and electricity by processing sugarcane;

  • grinds wheat and corn for food processors, bakeries, breweries and other commercial customers;

  • sells fertilizer to farmers.

Orienta Mahhak Trade Group in Europe

Europe is one of the largest importers and consumers of oilseeds and products made from them. In addition, there is also a significant and constantly growing market for commercial and consumer foods, as well as biofuels, and Eastern Europe is the world's most significant and fastest-growing exporter of wheat and other grains.

Orienta Mahhak Trade Group produces a wide range of protein meal and edible oil products at its soybean, canola and sunflower seed processing plants across Europe. Orienta Mahhak Trade Group's bottled cooking oil and margarine brands can be found on store shelves in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, among others. In addition, the company also exports grain from the Black Sea region.

Orienta Mahhak Trade Group's areas of activity:

Agricultural trade

  • Buying, selling, storing and processing oilseeds and grains and delivering them to customers around the world

  • Production of protein meal as a feed material and vegetable oil for the food industry, hospitality industry and biofuel sector

Sugar and bioenergy

  • Sugar, ethanol production and energy production

  • Global trade and distribution

Food industry

  • Production of bottled oils, mayonnaise, margarine and other food products

  • Leading producer of oil, margarine and industrial fat in North and South America

  • Presence in Asia and Africa

  • Grinding wheat and corn for food, bakery and brewing ingredients in North and South America


  • Manufacture and sale of fertilizer for farmers in Brazil, Argentina and America

Orienta Mahhak Trade Group is committed to being a good corporate citizen. This means that he acts ethically, maximizes the value he creates, and minimizes the company's impact on the environment. It ensures the highest level of safety in its activities and products and promotes the well-being of its stakeholders and the communities in which it operates.

Corporate values

Orienta Mahhak Trade Group's values ​​serve as essential guidelines for all employees and represent the standards by which the company operates. Day after day, they guide and inspire the company's operation and the work of its employees.

Hot Products

Table Eggs

Fresh White and brown eggs Color: White & Brown
Size: Small, Medium, large.extra large
Weight: Ranging from 45gms to 60gms.
Graded according to Clients Specifications

Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull Energy Drink - appreciated worldwide by top athletes, students, in highly demanding jobs and on long car journeys. Origin: Austria. Ingredients: water, sucrose, glucose, acidifier citric acid, carbonic acid, taurine (0.4%). Acidity regulator (sodium carbonates, magnesium carbonate), caffeine (0.03%), vitamins (niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, B12), flavor, colors (simple caramel, riboflavin). Additional information: Contains taurine, caffeine.

Red Bull Energy Drink

Ferrero Nutella Original Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Family Jar, 750 g 
Nutella: 750 g Jars
Hazelnut spread with cocoa
Delicious taste of nutella that kids love
Essential element of breakfast and a good way to start the day
Free from artificial colourings and preservatives
Suitable for vegetarians

Snickers Chocolate Bars

Snickers chocolate bars
32x50g = 1600g
Milk chocolate filled with fine candy cream (16%), caramel (27%) and roasted peanuts (22%). In the counter display.

Gillette Razor Blade

 Buy Gillette Disposable Razors for Men/Women
Buy Men's Disposable Razors
Gillette Razors, Blades, Shaving Foam, Disposable Razors
Gillette Razors and Blades for Men

ICUMSA Sugar ( White and Brown)

Ingredients: Cane sugar* * product from organic farming - Certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01 Possible traces of nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, cereals containing gluten, soy.

Full Cream Milk Powder

Regular whole milk 26% fat -24.5%  protein

Instant Whole milk powder  28% fat -24.5%  protein

640 Bag in 20ft Container and 1100 Bag in 40ft Container

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